Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a sponsor is a true marketing opportunity for corporations wishing to take it to another level with Phil Across America.

Throughout the ride we will look to drive traffic and exposure to your organization and at the same time you will be rallying around a great cause.

Below you will find two sections:

Section 1: Bullet points of what is contained in each sponsor level
Section 2: A description of each marketing opportunity so you have clear expectations of what we will deliver.

For more information please CLICK HERE or give Phil a call at (609)-902-9191.

Each of the items below are described in greater detail below:

WOW Sponsor $10,000

  • 1 State of Ride Named for Sponsor
  • PR generated for Ride Segment
  • Logo on RV Wrap (2’ x 2’ logo)
  • Website Banner Ad alternating in rotation (every other Banner)
  • Website – Button Ad with Link in WOW section
  • Electronic Newsletter – Large Button Ad with Link in WOW Sponsors section
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Logo on Jersey 4”x 4”
  • 5 WOW for MS Bike Jerseys

Team Cooper Sponsor $5,000 or In-Kind Donation of Services

  • 2 Segments of Ride Named for Sponsor
  • PR generated for Ride Segment
  • Logo on RV Wrap (1’ x 1’ logo)
  • Website Banner Ad with link in rotation
  • Website –Button Ad with Link in Team Cooper Sponsors Section
  • Electronic Newsletter – Medium Button Ad with Link
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Logo on Jersey 2” x 2”
  • 3 WOW for MS Bike Jerseys

Pedal to the Metal $3,000

  • Logo on RV Wrap (6” x 6” logo)
  • Website – Button Ad with Link in Team Cooper Sponsor Section
  • Electronic Newsletter – Small Button Ad with Link
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Logo on Jersey 1”x1”
  • 2 WOW for MS Bike Jerseys

Go For It $1,000

  • Listing RV Wrap
  • Electronic Newsletter (Listing with Link)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • 1 WOW for MS Bike Jerseys

Description of Opportunities

Segment of Ride Named for Sponsor

There are 56 segments along the ride and we will divide the segments up between the sponsors. With the naming rights for a segment will draw added attention in our internal public relations, social media and website efforts. Additionally, you will have the ability to have your own marketing fun with the segment. You may bring people from your company onto the ride for your segment and have fun marketing your participation. We have already had sponsors working with their ad agencies in designing unique helmets and other fun things. Really the only limit is your imagination, this is where you can really have fun as a sponsor and encourage members of your company to join the fun!!!

RV Wrap

Team Cooper will be supported by a 27 foot RV. This RV will bring guest riders onto the route and get them back to an airport near the route. The RV will be wrapped in our basic design (the graphic at the top of this piece) and we will be including WOW, Team Cooper and Pedal to the Metal sponsor’s logo on the RV. The RV wrap will be finalized in April so artwork for logos on the RV must be received by April 1


While the Bike the US for MS has its own website; there is a separate website that has been developed to highlight Phil’s adventure. It will be fun and will have some really neat features. Anticipated aspects of the site include:

  • Tracking the progress of Phil’s training leading up to the ride (we have some fun things planned)
  • Tracking Phil across the US as he rides across US
  • Video feeds along the ride
  • Features on the sponsors
  • Blog from Phil along the route

With the website comes additional exposure for WOW, Team Cooper and Pedal to the Metal Sponsors. A banner will be on the top of the website and sponsors will rotate through in frequencies greater dependent on sponsor level.

Additionally there will be button ads on the sides of the website. Finally there will be listings. Ad size and placement vary per sponsor level.

One additional feature of the website will be the use Google Ad Sense and all monies raised will go into the pool of funds raised for MS.

Electronic Newsletter – Button Ad with Link in WOW section

We will be sending a newsletter out every four weeks leading up to the ride and then once per week during the ride. The newsletter will hightlight all the happenings of the ride. Within the newsletter will be button ads and listings varying in sizes based on sponsor level. If you want the newsletter to be sent to your internal email lists we can add them to our distribution. The first newsletter distribution will be received by 10,000 individuals across the US.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

Our Cooper team will be updating Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. During the ride Phil will be posting and Tweeting several times a day. You will have to opportunity to leverage our social media efforts with those of your own and we based on the sponsor level we will provide sponsor pages.

Bike Jersey

Team Cooper has had a unique jersey for the past ten years Phil has ridden for MS. This year’s jersey will be unique, vibrant and simply funky. All sponsors will receive at least one jersey and depending on the sponsorship level your logo can appear on the jersey. Jersey’s will go into production on March 1 so all artwork must be received by February 15 to be included on the jersey