RV Transformation

The PhilAcrossAmerica RV is just totally awesome.  But it was not always this way. Back in February we acquired the 27 foot RV and immediately went to work on turning it into something that the United States will never forget. We also determined that it would trail Cooper Pest’s Philadelphia Eagles trailer which would be converted to haul the 10 guest bikes and provide entertainment each evening of the ride.

First Barbara Murphy of BuckingHam Media went to work on developing our logo and theme.  Phil knew that he wanted the RV and the PhilAcrossAmerica bike jerseys to match so our amazing  bike jersey company, Louis Garneau went to work.  After putting them through gyrations and over 30 jersey versions a final was produced in early March.

In the meantime we had to pick a company that would produce the wrap on the RV and convert our jersey artwork into a great wrap design. We went no further than AirGraphix, a super company located in Bayville, NJ.  Having done work for the Cooper organization and willing to step up as a sponsor of the ride it was a no brainer.

When you see the completed design, produced by Randy Shaner you will know the quality of work produced by this amazing company.

The Eagles trailer is also quite the bomb.  It has a 42″ TV, Surround Sound System, Refrigerators and the ability to carry 2 kegs of beer.  It is truly a party vehicle which will be in full use every afternoon and evening following a long day of bike riding.

So the RV is now in the hands of Dylan Krieger, Orchestrator of Adventures as it traverses across the US.  Have fun looking at the pictures of what is and what was!!!

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