Day 2 was definitely more of a challenge than day 1. Today we had to battle two 7-mile climbs that were both brutal, super tough and any other word that wasn’t easy.

Although the climbs were rough, the weather was perfect yet again. With a high of only 82, it helped on those mile-long uphill battles.

Yo Ho Matey! At the last rest stop, there was a pirate theme so we had a jolly, swashbuckling good time with that! (see picture below)

Although Day 2 was long, I’m hopeful for Day 3. We are riding 73 miles from Wellsboro, PA to Williamsport, PA. At this point, we will be just about halfway of the 500-mile ride. Let’s hope the weather continues to hold up and that the hills are rolling!

On to Day 3!!

Yo-ho-ho! Me Mateys and I are searching for our buried treasure – have ye seen it?