WOW it is spring time and that means time to cycle and time to bartend. It is becoming the right of passage as we enter into the spring.
As the 2015 season unfurls I am returning to Martine’s (New Hope, PA) and Diamonds (Pennington, NJ) and am adding two new venues. Three of the events will support MS but we will hold one special event in support of my great friend, fellow cyclist and just great guy Bill Soloway. Bill has been part of my cycling efforts for most of my 23 years of raising money. As I write, Bill is awaiting a heart transplant and by July he should equipped with a new ticker. Knowing that his medical bills are not covered completely by his insurance I will be looking to add a bartending event in support of Bill. I have not picked the site yet but I am hopeful to find a Bucks County bar that wants to step forward.
2015 Preview Guest Bartending
April 26 2p -5p Diamonds, Route 31, Pennington NJ
June 28 2p 5p Rossi’s, Hamilton, NJ
TBD Martine’s, New Hope
TBD Bill Soloway Fundraising Bartending Event, Newtown/Yardley PA
Bike Riding continues Bike the US for MS
May 30 will mark a special day for me as I return as an alumni to Bike the US for MS, as a partial rider for the kickoff of the 2015 TransAm ride going from Yorktown, VA to SanFrancisco. 20+ riders will be doing the entire country being led by former teammates of mine, Robert Beger and Ryan Bing. I wish I could do the entire country again but my wife Laura is not ready to let me leave for two months so quickly. But she has blessed my one week ride with the team so I will join them from Yorktown to Blackburg, VA. It is only 360 miles but it is wonderful riding and I will be with friends, doing what I love. I am blessed.
Stay tuned….
There is much more to come this season to include the Kidney Walk, the American Diabetes Ride and my annual MS150 City to Shore. I will be sure to give you great updates of the great country we are part of and the wonderful people that make us the best country in the world. To a great spring and summer of bartending and bike riding!!!! –Phil