So far, so…. interesting.

Howdy everyone, for those who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself:  I’m Dylan, Driver/Intern for Phil Across America (officially my title is “Orchestrator of Adventures”).  Sorry I didn’t get around to writing a blog earlier.  I know how eager you are to hear about my trip, Mom.

A little about myself:

Temple University

I am a college student studying economics and management information systems (M.I.S.) at Temple University, planning to graduate next spring.  I grew up in Bucks County and went to Pennsbury High School.  I am passionate about music, books and a few sports teams.  I follow the Buffalo Bills, Sabres and Philadelphia Phillies (necessary explanation: Dad is from Buffalo, hence Bills and Sabres, Buffalo has no baseball team so I grew up rooting for the Phils). One life goal I have: travel into space, (don’t give me that look, I’m not crazy, it could happen).

I worked with Bed Bug Central last summer under COO Todd Baker, so when Phil decided he needed a driver for his trip he called me up and I took the job…  I’m glad I did too, this is a trip of a lifetime and I’m not taking a minute for granted.  I’m really happy to be traveling the country with a bunch of cool people to raise money and awareness for MS.  I’ve met a bunch of people with MS so far, some of whom show no symptoms at all and some who are stuck in a wheelchair.  Their stories are are heartbreaking, and leave you inspired to help their cause.

For those of you who are still reading, or have skipped my bio, the next section is about the trip.  If that doesn’t interest you find some adorable pictures of kittens and post them to Facebook.  

Quick recap of the week (so far) May 29-June 3:

Phil and I arrived in Yorktown last Tuesday to prepare for the trip. We met the Bike the US for MS team, had a nice party, and began our quest to cast the One Ring into the depths of Mt. Doom. It’s been an exciting week so far, a ton has happened already. We had mechanical issues with the Kegerators and bicycles, locals throwing tacks in the street, and these wierdos dressed in black hooded cloaks chasing us on horses, what a drag.

However, things seem to be settling down as we get further into the trip, and everyone is having a blast.  I’ve heard almost all the people associated with this trip say, “Every day is an adventure” and I couldn’t agree more.  There is hardly a dull moment, and everyday is flying by…which is why it’s taken me a week to get my first blog done.

Right now I’m enjoying my first real down time, so naturally I thought, “OH YEAH, TIME TO BLOG!” So I’m sitting down in a Starbucks in Waynesboro, Virginia, enjoying an iced coffee and trying to not yell at this older gentleman who has been staring at me for the past 25 minutes. Waynesboro, if you’re not up to date with Virginia’s geography, is in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s absolutely gorgeous here.  The bikers have a tough day of climbing these hills, but they will have some spectacular views that I can’t get from interstate highways.  I look forward to seeing some cool pictures.

"The Lawn"

Virginia is an awesome state; I’ve seen the beach, horse country and now the mountains.  Not to mention University of Virginia’s campus, or “grounds” as they call it in Charlottesville.  My good friend Evan goes to UVA, so he swung by the church where we were staying to check out the RV setup, then showed me around town.  What a truly spectacular campus.  It’s Colonial, Victorian and modern all in one place.  History is literally everywhere.  The original library building and surrounding dorm quad, called “The Lawn” by students, has to be one of the coolest college campus spots in the country.  If you’ve never been to that school you’re missing out. I will definitely go back to visit when the trip is over.

My daily tasks include maintaining the bathroom (gross), filling up with water, propane, gas, and making sure that the kegs are filled and flowing correctly (a must).  Phil has also had me taking care of accommodating guest riders and overseeing general Phil Across America operations.  It’s quite a learning experience; I’m gaining a ton of knowledge and experience.

That’s about as much blogging as I can handle for now.   I’ll keep updating more frequently going forward, especially when we’re going through nice towns like Rohan or The Misty Mountains in California.

Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to address in the next blog.

Post questions, comments, suggestions, compliments or insults in the comments below.


P.S.– ANYONE can come and join Phil Across America for a portion of the ride.  Just fill out a form and you’ll be on your way.  We have: bikes, tents, air mattresses, food, beer, water and anything else you might need during your stay.  Moderate cycling experience recommended.