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Samantha Cooper, Author of this post, is Ambassador of Everything for Phil Across America and the daughter of Phil Cooper.

Rolling into the parking lot, 27ft long and gleaming proudly, is the machine that brings this whole ride together; the much anticipated Phil Across America RV. As I stare out the window, gazing admiringly at my dad’s newfound pride and joy, the realization of the ride becoming a very present reality hits me.  Though I have been at the University of South Carolina for my freshman year, 12 hours away, I still have been able to witness the jaw-dropping transformation my dad has made for this bike ride.  His passion is incomparable, and he is absolutely passionate about this ride and the cause it   is supporting; MS.

The RV is truly like no other.  With its amazing wrap job done by Air Graphix, it will surely make a statement on the road across America.  While the external appearance is a sight to see, it is the internal extras that are what makes it even more unique.  Trailing behind the RV is a trailer, equipped with a plasma TV, surround sound speakers, racks to carry all 10 bikes, and according to my dad, most importantly two kegs with taps prominently attached on both sides of the TV.   Housing all of the necessary supplies, and towing the trailer that will carry the bikes; this RV is monstrous.

Dylan Krieger

Dylan Krieger

With an RV of this stature, there needs a driver, and that is where Dylan Krieger comes into the
picture.  Dylan, a rising senior at Temple University, has risen to the task of driving this daunting vehicle.  Driving through the streets of Bucks County, Dylan has learned the intricacies of driving an automobile of this magnitude.

Now that the RV is complete, this ride is truly on its way, so look out for our lean, green monster of an RV.